Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thursday Blog Hop #8

It is that time of the week again!!  YAY for Thursdays!

So we had a pretty good topic last week when we discussed the Power of Words

This week—I want you to have a little fun :)  We all know about the 7 wonders of the world—and some of us may wonder—just why they became wonders in the first place.  I can read about these 7 wonders anywhere—but I’d really like to know more about you!!

Drumroll please:

Week #8—What are your 7 Wonders?

That’s right!! They can be places, people, things, –anything that bring wonder, fulfillment, joy to your life—not on a temporary basis either—something that has forever changed you for the better.  If you can’t think of 7 then think of a few?

So are you in for the challenge?

I am really looking forward to your responses!! 

Come back here and enter the blog hop below or leave your link in the comment section.  You can also join us on our Facebook group and leave your links there!

Oh and I have a tutorial below for those of you not sure on how to use the Linky Tool thing to enter the blog hop.  Many of you have asked me…so I thought I would put together something…and then that way you’ll know how to do it, incase you are interested!!

(not to be confusing—but I recorded this during week #7—we are indeed on week #8!)


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  1. 1) Wal-Mart
    2) Ikea
    3) Target
    4) Home Depot
    5) McDonalds
    6) FedEx
    7) Burger King

    No, just kidding... Let me see...