Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Hop # 12

Hello and Happy Thursday!!  Are you ready to blog hop?

Thank you for everyone who participated in #11 with the theme Beyond the Limits!!  They were great to read!!  You are all a very talented bunch!!

This week—I have decided to try the picture with a random word again!! Yes—I think we had fun with that one a few weeks back…so I figured I’d change it up a bit and see what we can come up with!!

Drumroll Please:



                +     Salient


This picture is title “Fire and Ice” by Evilsright on Deviant Art.  This photo was available for general download and you can go here to visit the original work, or click on the picture above.

The rules remain the same.  You can interpret this picture –ANYWAY you see fit—and the challenge here is to let it inspire you to write something AND use the word salient.

People often wonder what direction they can take a picture or a word prompt —it is whatever you come up with.  There is no right or wrong—just get creative and have fun!!

Please come back here and enter the hop via Linky Tools below.  Also feel free to leave your URL to your post in the comment section below.  You may also leave it in the document thread on The Writers Post wall!

Okay—with that said—are you in?  I hope so.  I love reading all your work!

Happy Blogging Smile 



  1. Good prompt, this one took some thinking!

  2. Doesn't seem to be many entries on the linky thing, Jenn. Am I missing some that didn't post here?

  3. Hi Mojo!! The links are in the Linky Tool above--(See the square pictures above?-- You can click them). There are 9 entries so far!

  4. Yeah, I've read and commented on everyone so far (They're great as usual) but I was expecting there to be more entries. Maybe I'm mis-remembering how many people post stories. I was expecting at least twenty... but that may be wishful thinking *chuckle*

  5. No--usually we get between 4-12 just depends on if I come up with a good topic or not :p

  6. There also be more on the group wall--not everyone enters via the linky tool. I know you are not there on FB anymore.:(