Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday Blog Hop #10

Our combo pack~~a picture plus a random word was a HIT for week #9.  Thank you to everyone who participated. You all are very talented!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

So upon us is week #10~ and I’ve struggled this week to come up with an idea…well until a few moments ago anyway.  So in the future—if any of you have any ideas for weekly topics, feel free to chime in! Just drop me a message on Facebook and I’ll definitely work it in!!

Drumroll Please!!

Blog Hop #10—Silent Moments

Yes, we all have silent moments, whether we are reflective in mood or just at a loss for words.  You can take the topic and interpret it any way you see fit.  Once you are posted, come back here and enter the blog hop via Linky Tool below.

You can also visit us on Facebook and respond to the weekly document there for the Blog Hop.


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