Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: A Heart of Little Faith-by Jennifer Wilck

I think everyone can appreciate a well written romance novel, I know I certainly can and I was very ready to switch gears and escape into A Heart of Little Faith.  I must say, I was nicely surprised as this romance had some very real, very strong headed characters to get to know—and some tough obstacles to get past.  I think what I appreciated most about this romance novel is that these characters dealt with issues that usually stifle romance and yet somehow they worked through them and found love..  It wasn’t an easy road as trust issues and their pasts tried to get in the way—but ultimately—love wins out.

Set in New York City, Lily is a widow raising her 6 year old daughter.  She’s not acknowledged to herself that she’s ready to start dating when she bumps into Gideon at an art gallery.  Gideon has a disability and it confines him to a wheel chair—and it seems that one might over look him as a romantic lead—but Gideon’s personality lets us know that he isn’t going anywhere. Facing his own issues from his own tragedy, he doesn’t believe he’ll ever find love again because of his circumstances.  But the romance bug is ready to bite if he can get past some trust issues.  Lily and Gideon somehow find their way to romance—but not before encountering some true to life challenges along the way.

Wilck’s romance, A Heart of Little Faith, is a great novel that won’t leave you disappointed. It makes the reader think a bit about ‘romance outside the box’.  I enjoyed reading this romance novel. I highly recommend this excellent read.


  1. Now that sounds like a romance I can read. Real life issues and problems...hope it's on Kindle...

  2. Ooh, that pulls you in. Great review.

  3. Hi Summer, yes, you can get it on Kindle. And Laura, so glad you feel that way!