Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oooooh! I have a SECRET

And I am going to share!!

So I have a rather important announcement to share with everyone here on The Writers’ Post!!  And I think you are going to like love it!

Over the past couple of months—we’ve been working VERY hard on something…just for you bloggers and we hope that you will not only love our idea—but will help us spread the message!!

The concept is exciting—for anyone in the blogging world…and it is brought to you NOT ONLY by The Writers’ Post but also by BFF and the GBE2!  This is a collaborative effort on the part of these three groups to bring you something really exciting for promoting your blog posts and joining in on the daily fun!

We’ve all worked very hard for a couple of months to make this happen!!  I hope you will be excited as we are!!  Well—I’m a bit giddy!! HA!  But I’ve been wanting to share this secret with you for awhile!!  So now that I can finally do so—my smile is a mile wide!


So are you ready for me to share the secret? 


Click on that picture above and let it take you to our new site!!

How flippin COOL is that?

A few things to notice:

There is a blog hop for each day of the week!!

This will not replace the any of the Facebook Groups.  This is just another great place to get connected—all in One Stop.

Visit our Get Connected Page to follow us and pick up a badge for your site! 

We hope you’ll consider inviting some of your friends to this site.  They don’t need to be on any social networking site to participate…they just need a blog!

Can’t wait to see what you all think of my “secret” !! 

Feedback is greatly appreciated!




Please visit the


  1. Well, I absolutely LOVE your secret! :OD

  2. You do?? Aww shucks!! Thanks--I love your secret too!! LOL!!

    Glad someone does!!

  3. Very flippin cool! Love it. Big thanks for getting us organized.

  4. Most welcome Langley! We're excited to do this for all of you!

  5. Woo hoo!!! Now I need instructions on how to make a badge link... Send instructions to me? Pretty please....

    In fact...maybe you can share with all of us how you made the badge link. I can't be the only lame retiree around here... Hello? Hellooooo...... Hmmm... Where did everyone go?

  6. Exciting stuff Jenn!! It is a great way to combine all three great groups of bloggers in one cool place!!


  7. This is so useful for me, and I can't wait to get started, Jenn. Sadly, It will probably have to wait until next week, because the disruption of the kitchen refit is frying my brain right now!

    On a side note, for those of you who know me and my stories, my tale, 'Mirrored' made it into a charity anthology for Medecins Sans Frontieres. When I have the links for it, I'll put them onto my blog for anyone who wants to buy the anthology for charity. It's the paranormal edition to coincide with Halloween ;o)

  8. Very cool and you well deserve to be proud :D I'm not much of a blogger these days between RL and trying to move my concentration to novel writing and illustrations but I'll jump on board if you'll have me. Best of luck with the new endeavor!

  9. Darlene--I left you a comment on your blog about secrets--instructions are on the site below the badges!!

    Mojo--HOW ABSOLUTELY COOL!! I'm so happy for you. Your writing is superb!!

    Summer--anytime you can join us on OSBW--please do. Don't feel you have too--but as you get closer to promoting your writing--you may want to promote on Saturday Smorgasbord--where anything goes!!

    Thanks ladies :)

  10. The site, your blog and this whole idea and concept are awesome! Thanks so much for working with and helping each one of us to bring this all together :)

    And you are SO GOOD at explaining things. I was able to add a badge to both of my blogs here on Blogger with no problems at all.

  11. Cool!!! I am very excited for this site. I will be posting my Wordless Wednesday soon!