Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Hop #14

We had an exciting week in blogging with all the entries about Thoughts on Time.  I love reading the talent among the members in our group!!

And we have a new week.  I’ve gone back to a picture and a random word for this week. So you ready to HOP HOP HOP??

Drumroll Please!!

Blog Hop #14




          +  SERENITY

Photo by Doug M. “Dublin Century bike ride 03.20.11”  You may click the picture to be taken to the original.

So the idea is—to take this picture and interpret it any way you want or pull some theme from it and write away—the challenge is to use the word “Serenity” somewhere in your post.

Blog hop is open until next Wednesday!!  You may enter the blog hop via Linky Tools below or you can leave a comment here or in The Writers’ Post group on Facebook.

If you have questions, be sure to ask!!  Hope you have a great week and as always I do look forward to reading your entries!!  





  1. *chuckle* Just had the most ridiculous thought/idea pop into my head when I saw the picture. Need to let it percolate a little, but I'll be back *grin*