Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Hop # 16

Another week is upon us--and another blog hop to get ready for!! It was fun reading your posts about  changes--and a big THANK YOU to everyone who hopped along with us!!

With no further adieu...

 Drum Roll PLEASE:

 Blog Hop # 16:  Road Blocks

From Blogging

So--this week--it is all about road blocks or obstacles and how we chose to overcome them. We've all run into these road blocks from time to time--whether it be in our relationships, our careers, our writing pursuits or even in our faith.  Which ever way you want to interpret "Road Blocks" works for this blog hop!! (No road blocks here!)

Once you are posted on this topic there are three ways to enter this blog hop:

 1.)  Enter the blog hop via LINKY TOOLS below.  (If unsure how to do it….visit THIS page and watch the video tutorial I made about using Linky Tools.)

  2.)  Leave the URL to your post below in the comment section.

  3.)  Leave the URL to your post on The Writers’ Post group wall on Facebook.  You will find a document either on the wall or off to the right for Blog Hop# 16.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with again this week--and happy hopping!!



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