Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday’s Blog Hop Week #5

Welcome to The Writers’ Post Thursday Blog Hop!! 

Join us for some weekly fun!!  We post a topic here once a week and anyone is welcome to participate!!  We provide the inspiration or theme and you interpret that anyway you see fit for your blog post.  When you’re done posting, come back here and provide your link in the Linky tool below!! (Or just leave a comment with your link)  The topic comes out on Thursday and you have until Wednesday to blog about it, and come back here and let us know you joined in!!


So drumroll please!!  Week #5:  Turning Points

We also have a Facebook Group you can join!!  If you want a great way to connect with other writers, join us there and post any of your blog post links to our group wall and read some blogs by other great writers!!  It is all about connecting!!  Click HERE to join us today!!


The Linky tool below is fairly easy to use.  First click the words “GET THE CODE HERE” in gold below.  Copy that code ---then go into edit mode on your blog post, select Edit/HTML or “Source” and at the very bottom of all that code you see paste in the code. Hit save.

Next view your blog post.  At the bottom of it, you will see in blue  “CLICK HERE TO ENTER,” so click that.  Enter your blog post URL, The title, and include a picture---it can be one from your computer, the internet or a Linky tool default.   Hit save and you’ve entered the BLOG HOP!!

See you back here with your post later this week!! 

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