Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday’s Blog Hop #7

Welcome to The Writers’ Post Thursday Blog Hop!!

Join us for some weekly fun!!  We post a topic here once a week and anyone is welcome to participate!!  We provide the inspiration or theme and you interpret that anyway you see fit for your blog post.  When you’re done posting, come back here and provide your link in the Linky tool below!! (Or just leave a comment with your link)  The topic comes out on Thursday and you have until Wednesday to blog about it.  Then come back here and let us know you joined in!!


I just wanted to take time to thank everyone in The Writers’ Post group on Facebook for posting your works and letting the rest of us read it. I really love the sense of community and support among the group members.  And to those of you participating in the blog hop—you truly make this little group a lot of fun!!  The group is growing—which is awesome—and just so you know, you are welcome to invite anyone in your blogging circles to join our group. The more the merrier-so invite them on over!!

I’m truly inspired daily by your posts and your words.  And I got to thinking—about the power in our words.  We use them in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, through our written and spoken words, leaving an impact for better or worse. As writers we understand the power of the written word to some degree.  Words have power—hey, what a great subject!

Week #7—The Power of Words

Interpret this week’s challenge anyway you want—when you’ve written your post come on back here and provide your link in the linky tool below or just leave a comment with the link—so your post can be read!!


The Linky tool below is fairly easy to use.  First click the words “GET THE CODE HERE” in gold below.  A new window will open and you’ll see a code in the box. Copy that code.

Then go into edit mode on your blog post, select Edit/HTML or “Source” then scroll to the very bottom/end of your post and PASTE the code as the very last thing in your editor.

Next view your blog post.  At the bottom of it, you will see the Linky tool show up on your post.  So now you need to enter into the hop.  Look for the words in blue CLICK HERE TO ENTER and click that.  Enter your blog post URL, The title, and include a picture---it can be one from your computer, the internet or a Linky tool default.   Hit save and you’ve entered the BLOG HOP!!

See you back here with your post later this week!!


  1. Okay. For this, I added my blog "You may say 'thou' to me".

  2. Thank you Celeste!! I loved your piece! It taught me a lot!