Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thursday Blog Hops Returning

Writers Post BadgeIt has been awhile since this blog has been active.  It seemed like so much to keep up with at one point…between The Writers’ Post group on Facebook and the Google Site we created for One Stop Blog World.  I was constantly posting the blog hops in three places, including this one, all with different formatting, and well, it wasn’t working out.  I ended up dropping this blog a year ago.   Unfortunately, One Stop Blog World was not the hit we had hoped it to be, so it no longer exists.  However The Writers’ Post group on Facebook is doing quite well.

The Writers’ Post blog hops were posted every Thursday up through July 2012 and I hit burn out mode. It is always something a writer hopes to avoid, but I also have my hands in photography and so between the two I could not keep up.  In July, I announced that the Thursday blog hops would go away.

About 8 weeks later, I felt like it just needed a new approach.  I created BlogFEST 2012, a month long blogging event held in October of this year—and it seemed to be a great success.  It was a prompt every day, except Sundays, through the entire month of October.  Each day brought participants a NEW HOST and a NEW TOPIC.  It was a lot of fun, but really hectic.

It got me to thinking…maybe this particular format…of having a weekly blog hop with a different host each and every week, with a unique topic would be something the members of The Writers’ Post would be interested in?  So I polled the group—only to seemingly get a favorable response.  Now it is time for me to put it together!!

So we will be resuming Thursday Blog Hops!!  It will work a little differently than in the past.  The blog hops will be hosted on the Host of the Week’s blog.  This will help the host gain traffic to his/her blog.  The Writers’ Post group on Facebook and The Writers’ Post group on Blogaholic will announce the Host of the Week, and provide instruction on how to reach the topic for the week.  This blog site will also be maintained to announce the Host of the week and provide instruction on where to find the topic, as well as, maintain the Linky connection for the blog hop.

You ready to hop?

I know I am!!

Starting date to be announced soon!

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