Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Hop #19

To Everyone that participated in Blog Hop #18--thank you for creating an "Atmosphere" for your readers.  I could have NOT been more impressed!! We truly have a very creative bunch of writers joining these hops!!

So for our next blog hop--I thought we might have a little fun--but really--all of these hops are fun!! 
So, why am I stalling???  Hmmmmm....

Drum Roll Please:
Blog Hop # 19--- Take Me to the Movies!

I'm sure most of you have a favorite movie or two.  I'm just so sure of it--I want you to share with all of us your favorite movie(s) but I do not want you to just make a list. 

Tell us a bit about the movie, the characters, the plots, and tell us why it is YOUR favorite movie.  You know--what about the movie totally sucked you in and made you want to watch it a second or third time.  

So when you are posted, come back here and enter this week's blog hop. 

There are three ways to enter:

1.)  Enter the blog hop via LINKY TOOLS below.  (If unsure how to do it….visit THIS page and watch the video tutorial I made about using Linky Tools.)

 2.)  Leave the URL to your post below in the comment section.

3.)  Leave the URL to your post on The Writers’ Post group wall on Facebook.  You will find a document either on the wall or off to the right for Blog Hop# 19

I'll be popping some popcorn with extra butter--because I'm looking forward to this week's hop!


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